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  • Sign petition for abortion amendment

    The petition is to the Kansas House and Senate to request their support for a vote to amend the KS Constitution to override the KS Supreme Court ruling that “invented” the inherent right to abortion in the constitution.

  • Pro-life Speaker Event 

    Friday, Oct 18; 6:30 - 8:30 pm, Church
    Fr. Porter Hall

    Free and open to the public!
    Light meal and social, 5:15 pm
    Please RSVP here for the meal

    More info about the speaker topics here. 

    Terry Beatley President,
    Hosea Initiative
    "The Catholic Strategy"

    Chuck Weber, Executive Director of the Kansas Catholic Conference

  • A Powerful Conversion Story

    November 3, 7:00 pm
    Fr. Porter Hall
    One Man's Journey from Evangelical to Catholicism 

    Craig Johring, founder of Hope of the Poor, will speak of his call and the experience of serving Jesus Christ in the poor at a Mexico City dump site.

    Video, photos and more info at stmichaelcp.org/hope-of-the-poor